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The API is under construction

Think of this like Amazon Mechanical Turk but automatically completing your business tasks by throwing swarms of smart and motivated people at your problems.

Don’t expect the API very soon, we will only release it when it’s perfect. The ability to control Mercenaries with dynamic Google spreadsheets is coming sooner though.

When accessing the API, you will be able to chat with programmers who know about integrating the API inside and out. You can hire them for 15 minute chunks to help you put together your task list.

These are some of the premade variable names the API will use:

[%projectname%][%projectID%] This will be assigned upon initiation of a project run.


[%projectPrivateKey%] Used to control and access the backend of an entire project.


[%groupPrivateKey%] Used by groups of Mercenaries to control and access the backend.


[%taskPrivateKey%] Used to control and access the backend of an individual task.


[%donationPublicKey%] Used to put money into the general or specific Funds. Can be used by team leaders to put money gained from business processed back into the Fund.


[%fundingPrivateKey%] Used to make calls that distribute money to Mercenaries.





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