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We here at Mercenary Team are always looking for the super ambitious people that make the Earth quake.

Willing to work for money? So are 7 billion other people. What makes you special?

Willing to work for equity? You’re closer to our true intentions, but still not quite there yet. Eventually, every human being will be entitled to 1 share of Equity once they turn 13 years old. Let’s talk and see what skills you have to offer.

Willing to work for Mercenary Coins? To hold onto them as they appreciate, not to cash them in for money immediately? Too bad they’re not operational yet, but we like your spirit.

Willing to work because you believe in the cause? That’s the ticket to a fulfilling life. Email Us with the subject line “Willing to work for the good of humanity” and tell us which human labor stack you want to join and what role.

Client Acquisition and Satisfaction Stack

Affilliate- Get 10% of what clients spend on management fees for the first year as a reward for referring clients to us!

Client Getter- Finds leads and passes them on to the….

Client Closer- Talks to clients like as salespeople

Client Contact- Main Talking-To Person (Usually also the Client Closer)

Team Leader- Our most coveted role.

Freelancer Getter- Recruit freelancers

Development Stack

Web Developer

Software Developer

Blockchain Engineer

Machine Learning Expert

Business Development

Psychic Powers Stack

Offensive Psionic Expert- Have a weird brain? Do your brainwaves tend to interact with other brains? Tell us about your powers!

Defensive Psionic Expert- Unleash a psychic soothe across humanity to help us all transition.

Social Media Influencer- You are more powerful than you realize.

Mysterious Government Agent- Arrest Matt Jackson if you want to kick off the apocolypse

Seducers- Control powerful men (mostly, some women and non-binaries as well) to do the bidding of the Mercenary Team, through manipulation of latent psycho-sexual energies.

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