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Are you a business? You should buy a whole ton of Mercenary Coins now because once it’s proven how awesome the workers are the price will go way up! Are you a worker? Hold on to your Coins because they could skyrocket!

First 1,000,000 Mercenary Coins Available For This Price

When you pay us, you have to wish good thoughts upon the money because currency infused with good intentions has a higher transactional velocity and makes more people happy, faster.

Don’t want our service anymore? Sell Back each Mercenary Coin for $8.00

Mercenary Coin will be opening in multiple coin exchanges. You may get a higher or lower price at other exchanges. Prices may be subject to rapid change based on the market.

Imagine a cryptocurrency generated not by computers and wasted energy, but by humans helping each other and making the world a better place in often strange ways?

The thing is: You can pay people to help you instead of some random schmuck. If you want, you can use reddit to help get a professional to examine the quality of the work. It’s just like cash but you can just announce how much you’re paying a person on Reddit or Slack and the Coin is considered transferred.

This cryptocurrency is being engineered to work with the social blockchain, and is especially well integrated with the Teamwork Engine and will be the only kind of currency that the API will ever support.

Note: None of these details are final. Much work is still needed because the system needs to be 100% resilient, reliable, and bulletproof to hostile engineering on day 1. We have a few engineers taking a look at this, but buying Mercenary Coins will help accelerate research. Please take a look at our legal page.

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