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Congratulations! You’re good enough for us to pass on to the client!

At Mercenary Team we offer large-scale freelancer recruiting to enterprises, and you’re a freelancer!

These guys need ALOT of quality tech writers, and they don’t have much time for recruiting.

Please email with the subject line “I’m a tech writer vetted by Mercenary Team” and send them your 3 BEST PIECES OF WRITING YOU’VE WRITTEN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!

Please include a link to your profile and any other sites you write for, as well as your personal site if you have one.

They are willing to pay $12 per 1,000 words, at scale. That’s $120 every 10,000 words as well. To give you an idea of how fast they are growing, they just picked up new 10 clients last week. They’re having lots of trouble keeping up.



Please respond to this with a simple “Yes, thank you.” after you’ve sent the email.

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