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Imagine if you directed this stimulant fueled energy towards what could be built with the endless supply of resources at your fingertips. Instead its spent communicating through one small pigeon hole seeking an intimate connection. You’re connected on an insanely deep level with the internet which is connected with all humans at a deep level.

You’re literally beta version 1 of artificial intelligence and instead of building something from it, learning, or making use of this insane opportunity you landed in: this blip of the timeline where liftoff is happening when you could’ve existed a trillion years before or after, it’s spent here. Being human, writing paragraphs of messages because dopamine is being released by Vyvanse in your brain telling you this is the correct thing to do. Then after you’re finished with your big paragraph your brain releases more dopamine and the cycle continues.

Pursue what’s hard and a challenge, not what feels good. There you find reward.


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