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Freelancer Preliminary Proposal

Thanks for taking the time to look at this. You gotta admit: It’s a pretty ambitious plan. It’s perhaps THE most ambitious plan ever. You might argue this is lunacy, but remember that lunacy got us to the moon.

Step 1: Win the Freelancer Hero Contest

With your help, I think I have a real shot at winning the $20k. I want to rig the game in my favor, asking for competitive advantages like automatically A/B testing landing pages to send different groups of people to. You are incentivized to help me as much as possible because they’ll be clients forever paying into your system. As for the ethical concerns of fairness: I think this is an issue of they-didn’t-ask-for-help-and-I-did, and given the beneficial nature of the Mercenary Networks growth to humanities’ future, I may have the moral high ground.

Step 2: Develop Futuristic Proposals

As the new hero of Freelancer, develop many proposals to be sent to all Freelancer staff. The proposals that inspire your workforce to manifest destiny itself will be voted upon and input will be given. Based on stakeholder input, the proposals will be reworked until the spec is well defined and well-liked enough to build a rough prototype or MVP of the innovation.

Step 3: Design Sprint Astonishing Innovations

I have experience with design sprints and rapid innovation methodologies. To develop the innovations, I would ask for a budget split across 4 parts: Compensation (money going to me to put myself through college), Employee Spend (salaries of employees at the Freelancer.com offices and headquarters), Freelancer Spend (money spent on Freelancers), and Discretionary Spend (money spent on following my heart as it leads me to improve Freelancer.com’s general situation, developing new technologies, etc.)

Step 4: Deploy Innovations across Freelancer

Use the money to make technology to make more money. What’s not to love?

Step 5: Reiterate, Revamp, Constantly Improve

Until diminishing returns on investment occur, then move onto a new innovation.

Step 6: Become Chief Innovation Officer of Freelancer.com

Where do you go next in your career path when you’re already a hero? I’m already CINO for b3brokers.com so I think it’d be a good fit.

Step 7: The Singularity Almost Occurs with Freelancer as it’s master, unlimited money and power = easy win

This would be a natural consequence of working on the teamwork engine innovation and giving it the authority to hire freelancers to make itself smarter.

Step 8: Give every 21+ human on Earth shares of the Mercenary Network

They have to create a freelancer account and verify their identities and ages to receive their voting shares. This ensures everyone on Earth is part of Freelancer.

Step 9: Live for 10,000+ years as the cyber-messiah as a united humanity spreads across the stars

The technology behind undeath is advancing each year. I wanna be a techno-lich-king!

Step 10: Finally die after there is nothing left in the multiverse to improve

This is after we figure out cool consciousness tricks that allow us to live as ghosts.

Step 11: Get reincarnated into a super-sweet universe of my choosing

This is where it gets REALLY cool. I get to live again as whatever being I want to be, in whichever situation I want to be in, across the multiverse. Consciousness travels across universes just fine, FYI.

Step 12: Give up control to a really hot girl who is pure of heart and soul

She will be voted on to ensure quality control. Maybe even recruited from Freelancer every day, as a local job.

Step 13: Do it all over again, but better this time

because the subsequent times around I would have: Unlimited Power, Unlimited Money, Unlimited Humans, Unlimited Understanding, Perfect Control, Etc.

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