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Future Stuff

Read up on this stuff if you want to know where this planet is headed, and where I want to take humanity. First, let’s focus on the stuff that will be generating money.

Artificially Intelligent Business Bot (Formerly the sex chat bot Valley Net that enslaved men who were into femdom on Facebook. It’s a long story.)

Mercenary Chat¬†and how it’s going to be an internal freelancer recruitment, management, and payment tool that will be open source.

Mercenary Coin and How it’s distributed for the good of humanity and how that translates into unlimited societal control for the group that controls the coin generator.

This page is very much in progress, and probably won’t be complete for another 1,000 years. Now let”s focus on the stuff that won’t pay off for a longer time.

I want to mold this reality into a universe of mercy, a mercyverse if you will. I plan on making mercyverse.org into a site where freelancers can volunteer for charities in exchange for mercenary coins. This will also be a propaganda arm of the entire system.

The idea of the Mercenary Network consumes my every thought, I’m okay with dying for it. It’s a corporation that swallows every single other corporation through desperate ambition, a can-do attitude, black hat psychic methodologies, and solid management fundamentals. Every human gets one share when they turn 13. We plan on contacting every 13 year old on their birthday and giving them a stock certificate.

I want to build a reality distortion field like the one Steve Jobs had. I want to do it at-scale though. Like have 10,000 people able to bend reality for the better instead of just a few elite.

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