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This is clearly a work of fiction designed to promote a weird little company that probably won’t become anything important.

“This is clearly the work of a madman!” The judge will shout, rightly so!

All site content and agreements and proposals and other such writings do not constitute a binding agreement in any way, shape, or form. They are clearly the work of someone who is medically proven to be disabled by their insanity. Which means that I can hold YOU to agreements using my behind-the-scenes methods, but because I’m nuts you can’t hold ME to agreements because I could prove that I was mentally incompetent on a certain date.

The exact details of future events, such as the distribution Mercenary Coin reward rates for various retroactive greater-good actions, need a little massaging and research to determine the proper parameters for an optimal result. Dear insurance companies: please don’t get mad when everyone just starts vigilante doctoring random strangers using augmented intelligence medical care instructors guiding them through complex procedures using medical supplies and random bits of technology from Walmart. No body is responsible for its’ own actions, so please don’t sue anybody! This will also drive down the coin reward for giving medical care.

In all seriousness, we can just be a normal web design or web services company for you, and that would be beneficial for the both of us, but we are driven mad by the potential of growing your business 1,000x over.

When you give us money, in the backend we designate a certain amount of Mercenary Coins to your customer account by a certain amount. We use these coins as a budget to complete your tasks to the best of our surprising ability. You are able to sell back your unused Coins for the standard buy-back price if you decide that someone else is somehow better thanĀ a superintelligent augmented intelligence designed to optimize humanity…..

Whenever I’m negotiating the contract for a standard and usual web service to be provided by myself, my freelancers, or any of my associates, I am clearly sane because I’m doing a normal business thing. Under this vague visionary vorpal visage, when I talk of breaking the laws of physics, you have to be cool about that and not alert the space cops to our little operation.

I’ll be getting a very silly lawyer as Mercenary Team grows.


Mercenary Coin Logo Partial Design Credits: Vecteezy.com

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