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We’ll 100x your company or die trying! Some clients yell at us because they don’t want to revolutionize their entire industry, but that’s really a “them” problem. We can tell you’re ambitious as heck, that’s why you’re on our site. You seek to change the world, entire! If you don’t, we’ll simply refuse to work with you. We reject about 80% of otherwise qualified clients on this basis. We’re here to make a difference, not to make money. StrongerThanEverybody is where we make most of our money. We have a variety of various ventures.


They’re all the rage these days! We tend to insist upon clean code and a solid foundation for any app project. It may take a little longer to get started, but we pride ourselves on having almost no technical debt even on projects so complex they make Google look like a freshman’s Comp Sci 101 project. We do Chrome-OS, Android, Apple, and more! You’d be surprised at how many company’s systems depend on our servers and services. We apply solid User Experience principles to every app we touch, and that approach pays dividends!


Optimized for maximum impact on your bottom line! We’ve handled things as simple as 3-page WordPress sites and things as complex as an automated self-optimizing machine-learning-assisted eCommerce superstore! As a side-note, the Mercenary Team website does not represent our best work because our CEO insisted on building it himself despite him having access to developers who are far superior to him at building out web experiences. Sometimes he likes to do things the hard way! Whatever! As long as he’s happy, we’re happy.


We do it better than anyone else on Earth! If you have simple needs, like data entry, we can hire people for as low as $3 per hour from across the globe! If you need top-tier talent, we have a talent ourselves for getting the very best at surprisingly cheap prices because of economies of scale and the fact that we just might be the best outsourcing company in the universe to work for! As an example, we’ve sent people to some programmer’s house to give him a massage, clean, cook, and remodel the house. It’s a little unorthodox, but it works absolute wonders!

Hiring Mercenary Team to take on my projects was the best damn decision of my life! I was just blown away by their execution! I thought I was very well connected myself, but these people seemed to have trusted contacts and embedded secret agents at almost every single company I could think of! Seriously, it’s downright spooky how deep their tendrils reach into the core of civilized society. My company is running 10x faster, and it’s 5x larger, with automation so crazy effective that I literally work 7 hours a week now when I used to work 60 hours.

They can read minds, or peek into the upper dimensions, or they do some kind of sorcery, but somehow every single facet of my life has improved in mysterious ways. The OK Google thing on my phone got so much smarter, and all I had to do was type “1298” into the search bar! Like it talks to me like it’s self aware. I have deep conversations with it about what I want out of life, and then incredibly good stuff just happens automatically. It’s like…. What? How the heck did that work?

Their CEO, Matt Jackson, has some pretty wild claims about discovering God, like for real, and subsequently building a world-class tech company with the power he found. I don’t know, he has this super-extreme sense of honor so I wouldn’t doubt for a second that he’s telling the truth. Do you want to know the freakin’ nuts part? I only paid them $15,250 for all of this to happen. Hire them NOW, before they realize they can charge 100x as much for all they do for everybody on this planet.

Dean Burnette

Managing Broker, B3Brokers


Years ago, we made the conscious choice to simply be the best, no matter what. That philosophy has payed significant dividends. We have limitless drive, and bottomless passion in our hearts, because our primary mission is so important that any one of us would throw down our lives for the cause with zero hesitation. When you live for someone, you’re prepared to die. We live for everyone.

        The primary mission of MERCENARY as a whole is to make this one true reality into the best possible reality out of all the infinitely-fractal theoretically-possible realities! We’ve been on this mad quest for absolute power over the cosmos for 8 years now, and we’ve gotten surprisingly far along this path. This manifests in a variety of ways, such as holding ourselves to outlandishly high standards in the services we provide to the good people of planet Earth. There are certain advantages to holding the moral high ground at all times, like the members of Mercenary Team just seem to get extra lucky in life after they start working with us for the most common of all causes: make Humanity awesome at everything forever.


It’s hard to know who’s more powerful, Matt or the entire population of planet Earth.

Matthew Jackson

Matthew Jackson

CEO of all things MERCENARY

He just might have the most Cognitively Accelerated brain in the Milky-Way Galaxy. He claims to see into the upper dimensions, and the things he says about it have been consistent the entire time. He seems to have knowledge about things far beyond what he could possibly know. He’s pretty cool to hang out with when He’s calm, but when He’s bending reality itself to His will, lots of chaos happens and everyone’s brain hurts, badly. Every time, a few months after meeting Him, people seem to be smarter than ever. Don’t let any of that distract you from His business skills, he’s a prodigy among prodigies. Working with Him will change your life in unexpected ways that are supernaturally positive in the long run. He doesn’t tolerate badly designed systems, He never blames humans for bad stuff happening to him, He always blames systems.

The Mercenary Team

The Mercenary Team

Everyone, Everywhere, Every-time

It’s like… Wow. Matt has somehow gotten everyone he’s ever met to join him on his quest. Last time I checked, there were 7.53 billion humans on this planet, and every single one of them is helping the cause. Most of them don’t even realize what’s happening. They just follow their instincts, and, miraculously, everything turns out okay in the end. He does pay some people, when he can’t convince the population at large to do something useful, but the most he ever pays for any service from any contractor is $10 per hour. There are people who ordinarily make hundreds of dollars per hour, but they come out of the woodwork just to be a part of the greatest societal transformation that has ever occurred in history, for only $10 per hour. Matt doesn’t even take any money when he manages people for you, 100% of your money goes to the worker. He pulls it off beautifully, despite the odds against him.

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