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We’re now operating from a new website! It’s called Human Starspace and it’s much more focused on providing services for money! Huzzah!

All the info below is outdated, we now operate on a different business model.

We have two different modes of paying us to help you. The first one is you just literally paying us to help you. This is generally ideal for people who are REALLY busy. The second one is you paying us per hour to manage freelancer spend (and other kinds of spend) as Team Leaders.

Want to keep things simple? Give us money, and we’ll help your business make money. We help you spend money on things with positive returns on investment, like excellent freelancers, marketing, technology, etc.

It’s not actually that complicated, we just have this simple/complex dichotomy on our site to help us organize our thoughts.


That’s just enough time to take advantage of us by having us consulting on anything you want,  us recruiting the perfect freelancers for your business, us briefing them on how to make you happy, and y’all getting in contact together (On Mercenary.Chat) with no obligation to paying Mercenary Team a single penny!

$ Per Individual Hour

0% commission, you pay for time spent leading

At MercenaryTeam.com, you hire expert team leaders, who are outsourced multi-skilled project managers / recruiters / consultants, to manage your projects for you. There are usually two main parts to the budget you give us: Freelancer Spend and Team Leader Time

Freelancer Spend is the amount that you actually spend on freelancers to do your tasks for you, with no commission taken by us.

Team Leader Time (TLT) is basically the assigned team leader’s compensation for helping you. They will try to be as helpful with whatever Team Leader Time budget you give them as possible.

We can also manage other budgets for you, like Marketing Spend, Technology and Innovation Budgets, Operations, You can even set a part of the budget as Discretionary Spend, which is where we’ll spend money on things that we think will have a positive ROI, like buying swag for your employees to increase their company loyalty.

Agencies are typically opaque, while we aim to be fully transparent. Think of us as your employees, managing whatever budget you give us in order to benefit you the most we can.

We will be able to manage your outsourcing budget and your marketing spend to produce a very positive ROI.

We offer a 3 hour free trial of our services, no credit card required! That’s just enough time to listen to your needs, recruit the best freelancers for the job, and put them in contact with you.



“You’re gonna need shades for that baby, the future is pretty bright!” –Matt

Time Until All Remaining TL Hours are Converted to Mercenary Coins








1 unspent TL hour will be equal to 2 mercenary coins upon January 1st, 2019  (Soft-Launch Date)

Mercenary Coins represent the value of human thought. It’s our artistic attempt at a brain-labor-backed cryptocurrency, essentially. One Mercenary Coin is worth one expert spending one hour solving your problems. One really easy way to make money will be to buy the Enterprise package (It’s the cheapest it will ever be right now at $20 per hour) and resell the Mercenary Coins to other people so they can buy Mercenary Team backed services, as well, and not have to pay full price. ($30 per hour). Our prices will increase as Mercenary Team gets more popular as a supply-and-demand regulation mechanism.

Read more about Mercenary Coins through this link (link may be invisible due to strange site bug), all the content there is a bit outdated, though. I’ll try to summarize: Hours of expert thought and action will suddenly turn into a crypto-asset that can be bought and sold on the open market, with MercenaryTeam being the only ones allowed to mine it, at least until we make an open-source brain-labor banking mechanism. Traditional cryptomining wastes tons of energy, and doesn’t do anything good, it’s just weird math made into money. You will be able trade Mercenary Coins with anyone for getting services done, and it will always be backed by either $20 of brain work by Team Leaders at Mercenary Team, or it can be exchanged for $20 at the minimum through the Mercenary Network Exchange.

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