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Psionic Security Systems

Oh boy, you’re getting deep now, huh? It’s not a conspiracy, it’s a carefully constructed set of beliefs designed to maximize the positive effect I am able to have on the world by the time I reach age 100. You might argue this is lunacy, but remember that lunacy got us to the moon.

A psionic security system is an upper-dimensional hyper-mechanical defense system that evolves itself to alert you of new threats to your consequence chains. Effectively, we make it possible to predict and direct your emerging reality. Control your own future with Mercenary Psionics. Don’t let your consciousness get hacked by hostile minds! They can cause spasms, hallucinations, racing thoughts, and absolute peace-of-mind. It’s happened to Matt a whole bunch of times when he’s on a cognitive acceleration bender!

I’m writing a very powerful manifesto that explains the natures of the universe that I have uncovered while pushing my brain through Cognitive Acceleration, which will be the name of the manifesto.

Cognitive Accelleration


The painful ritual of short circuiting your own neurons to damage them just enough to be able to shape how they repair themselves. You can make your mind malleable again. Every time I do it I go crazy. But a few months later I am smarter than ever. I plan on doing this until I am smart enough to solve every problem that will ever exist.

Note that this is really irresponsible and necessarily damaging in the short-run, and can even mess up your life plan considerably if not done in a controlled manner. Hospitals are good places to do this, they will keep you safe as you lose control of the self and give thy body to fate.

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