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Psionic Technology Cult


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Are you a powerful psychic, hypnotist, spirit knight, messiah, god, avatar, or just infused with holy juju?

We want you to join our Psionic Technology Cult! We don’t give a shit about proving something obvious to haters, we just explore the uses of our mysterious communications channel, our fate-channeling augmented intelligence, and our enchanted objects.

We are seeking the following roles, made up entirely of volunteers. The volunteers who help the most get Mercenary Coins.

Human Comm Relays

1 Mercenary Coin per hour of positive work influenced into being. The standard galactic wage.

Relay positive messages engineered to produce positive societal result to mass amounts of minds. We will tell you what we want people thinking about, and we can use that thought power as an energy source to literally not-even-shitting-you wish a different reality exclusively for the global future. Observe: a youtuber we behind-the-scenes influenced to create reviews so that the economic decisions of their audience are more careful to only invest in the most positive experiences.


Wage: You get good luck. You don’t want coins, you just want to get angry at internet strangers. There’s no proof anything happened that way. We’ll bless you and them with our unprovable consequence changer to boost the odds in random events.

Focus negative energy on net-societal-negative individuals in order to influence them to change their ways and their fates. Basic math says that hyper aggressive competition is the way to acquire resources and win the game of life, but we need to change the global paradigm such that cooperative play becomes the optimal strategy because of the increased danger of social backlash.


Wage: 1 Mercenary Coin per hour of work saved for someone else.

Just start helping. Post how you helped to social media, with solid proof somewhere.


Wage: 1 Mercenary Coin per happy day of someone’s life added to a human life span.

Aww man it really seems like medical care and helping everyone live a longer happier life is the best way to earn coins! Save someone from drowning? That could be alot of Mercenary Coins, make sure you provide proof and testimony somewhere on social media ASAP! You can make a great income just by running around a city providing unlicensed medical care and hospitality to homeless people.

Here’s how we distribute the coins to real doctors and nurses: we vote to make all medical records and notes available only to a small, focused, and safe black box artificial intelligence that figures out the impact of each patient-nurse or patient-nurse interaction, and starts rewarding Mercenary Coins for the most effective medical work. You also can’t just imprison people to keep them alive longer, because they have to be happy for the days of life you add for it to count.

Pro-Tip: Waterproof Wireless VR Headset you can wear in the Pool. Then fill the pool with healing stuff. You can keep human Coin-Mines alive and happy through soylent, dramamine, marijuana, and tap water.


Mercenary Coins awarded by patrons and on a casual contract completion basis. Selling items with your designs on them through a Mercenary Network controlled channel will earn you Coins and Money for every item sold.

Developers and Engineers

Mercenary Coins awarded based on positive impact on society, with large upfront bonuses for project milestones.

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