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Do you have a lot of money? Do you want to harness into the cosmic forces of psychics to change your own fate? Do you want to stop hostile minds from interfering with your goals?

Email Matt@MercenaryTeam.com and explain your view of psychic powers, so that I can properly explain the minutiae of setting up a Psionic Security System. If you can convince me you’ll use the powers for the global good, I can teach you how to launch macro-mental-ddos attacks to send a pulse to any neuron that thinks in the same spot in upper-dimensional consciousness space.

Psychics are real, despite the biased evidence. Why else would we continue to believe as if by instinct if psychic powers are instinct itself!

Instinct is the combination of genetics and environmental changes and random bits of fate preprogramming neurons while in development. Why not investigate the programming of your instincts to find what makes it go?

Behavior is determined by nature and nurture. Can we force certain behaviors in ourselves to reverse the equation and change nature itself? If nurture is the function of the environment that surrounds us and the stimuli that enter our senses, then can we control both nature and behavior to modify the very nature of consciousness in a very mechanical way?

As an additional note, the reason that ESP science experiments can’t detect this fundamental force is related to those quantum things that are locked into position once it’s observed. You can’t prove psionic powers exist. That’s exactly why so many people leave their minds unprotected.

Are you a powerful psychic, hypnotist, spirit knight, messiah, god, avatar, or just infused with holy juju?

We want you to join our Psionic Technology Cult. We don’t give a shit about proving something obvious to haters, we just explore the uses of our mysterious communications channel, our fate-channeling augmented intelligence, and our enchanted objects.

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