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Web Design, Outsourcing, and more in Savannah, GA, USA

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Here’s Why We’re Special

We don’t charge commission or markup on freelancer costs, instead we charge management fees for the amount of time Team Leaders spend managing all your business needs.

Our Workflow enables us to provide Services with exceptional cost effectiveness at scale, executing through an infinitely expanding Team.

We’re building Mercenary.Chat, a meeting space and market place for connecting clients with freelancers with 0% commission. When we introduce freelancers to you it happens there.

We’re building our own cryptocurrency backed by human brain-labor, the Mercenary Coin.

Here’s How Our Pricing Works

At scale, we charge $20 per hour for management time by Team Leaders. We recruit and manage freelancers for you, and 100% of that budget goes to the freelancers. Alternatively, you could just give us money and we’ll try our hardest to make you money.

Here Are Some Case Studies

“Mercenary Team took an unexpected approach to deliver astonishing value to our organization!”

-everyone we’ve ever worked with or will ever work with

Here’s Our Contact Information


510 600 5735 (text before calling, please)

Everything above this line is our new attempt at a homepage. Everything below this line is a more traditional approach to a consultancy homepage.

Outsourcing and Web Design, actually done right this time.

Based on your needs, we’ll get anything done to help your business, and you only pay for our expenses if you like what we’ve accomplished. We’ve done web development, email marketing campaigns, telemarketing, video production, video editing, social media marketing, growth hacking, business planning, data entry, Google Sheets automation, Google Adwords automation, sales, customer support, black hat social media work, SEO, business process automation, and much more.

We get things done cheaper than you can get them done.

How do we do all of this? The answer is simple: we outsource all the low-to-medium-to-high skill tasks. Unlike other firms that outsource without even telling you: we are completely transparent about it, we provide most services at-cost, and we will tell you how much each business action costs you.

We do some high skill tasks like business planning, web design, and web scraping with an in-house team.

Our Most Interesting Current Client is b3brokers.com

Best Business Brokers used to be lame but now they're awesome!

Contact Matt@MercenaryTeam.com or use our contact page.

Or you can call or text 510 600 5735

Here are some more clients of ours, click them to read some case studies. We have additional clients who choose to remain secret because they don’t want THEIR clients finding out how cheaply they get stuff done.

Want some social proof? How about a LinkedIn recommendation from the esteemed grand master of business brokering himself?


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