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We possess every single possible human/machine/animal skill that exists across all possible universes, because we outsource with supreme skill and finesse.

We hire extremely diverse skillsets across every spectrum of the human condition. Sometimes you just need something that a trained monkey could do, and sometimes you have a problem that would take Earth’s greatest minds the better part of a year to road map a solution to.

It feels almost silly to mention these services, because they are so commonplace in consultancies that you would be surprised if we couldn’t do them! Of course we can do data entry, web design, graphic design, SEO, content writing, recruiting, (note to Vanessa, update this list with the list below and add like 20 more basic tasks.)

  1. Creating/updating/maintaining databases and CRMs
  2. Collating business cards into an Excel sheet for uploading to CRMs or address books
  3. Data entry
  4. Basic bookkeeping
  5. Data mining / online research
  6. Typing up notes
  7. Minute taking
  8. Video creation/editing/uploading
  9. Social media set up/maintenance/content research/scheduling
  10. Facebook, Twitter or Google ads – creating, monitoring and analysing
  11. Setting up/managing webinars and podcasts
  12. Forum commenting/monitoring
  13. Setting up LinkedIn groups
  14. Photoshop work
  15. Transcription
  16. Marketing – creating sales pages/squeeze pages/pop up email boxes
  17. Creating/editing/formatting templates and guides
  18. Event coordination – venue finding and confirmation/collating attendees and documents/on-site support
  19. Chasing outstanding invoices
  20. Diary/calendar management – scheduling meetings, syncing with devices, adding upcoming events
  21. Email management and detox
  22. Writing/editing/formatting reports and presentations
  23. Researching/making travel and accommodation arrangements
  24. Lifestyle management – personal duties inc buying gifts, dry cleaning, booking restaurants and events, house moving, researching cheaper utility companies, paying bills etc
  25. Blog set up/writing/SEO/editing/scheduling
  26. Website set up/writing/SEO/editing/scheduling
  27. Newsletter set up/writing/autoresponders/editing/maintenance/scheduling
  28. eBook editing/formatting/publishing
  29. Gmail set up, importing and creating labels/filters/folders
  30. Designing/formatting infographics, logos, banners, social media profile images

Automation, Expansion, Optimization, Strategy, Rapid Innovation Methodologies, Abusing our latent psionic abilities for fun and profit!



These are the services that we know we know how to do, but we’re always willing to push our boundaries.

-Web Design and Development

-Search Engine Optimization – SEO

-Ecommerce Optimization

-Data Entry

-Graphic Design

-Web Scraping

-Content Writing

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