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“Money is the rule of everything, eventually there will be one corporation where everyone has an equal share.” Summary of that video for me.

Mercenary Shares give voting rights in the post-singularity political system. When you turn 21, you get a mysterious call on your phone notifying you of your 21 new shares in the company. You have to be so old as to be of the age of majority in most nations, and it’s to prevent baby-spamming by countries like Uganda giving those nations an unfair advantage. You get one additional share every year on your birthday. Everyone gets 21 shares at the start of the program so older folks don’t have an unfair advantage.

Ideally, each share will be worth on the open market 1 years worth of universal basic income, or about $12,000. It’s worth it to hold onto your share because it will be a unit of influence in the post-singularity economy. You will be able to vote on a special subreddit with your shares, you get one upvote or one downvote per year per share. You can vote on everything from what technologies should be focused on next by the superintelligence, to changing the laws, to designating which infrastructure needs to be fixed next. (like the sidewalk in front of your house could get pimped out by robot workers)

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