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Strange Future Plans

We talk a big game about bringing the current paradigm of competitive advantage to its’ knees and establishing a global utopia based upon a psychic-will-infused labor-backed cryptocurrency, but can we back any of it up? Absolutely not! Not without your help, at least. With your help, victory is assured in all things. The easiest way to help is to buy Mercenary Coins and tell us you just want the future to be a better place. We’ll simply try our best. We have strange technology under development, and it needs money infused with good intentions.

If you want to help in a much more interesting way, then you can join the psionic technology cult. It’s engineered to provide long term benefits for all of humanity, and in exchange for participating you get future money that exists in a hyper-dimensional probability field that only affects the one true universe. I’m trying to steer this universe into the hypothetically true one, which will psionically shift the odds of consequence and make all the humans happy forever. It’s actually pretty simple when you think about. If it stupid, and it works, then it isn’t stupid.

There are many easter eggs about the barely possible future hidden around this website. Here are a few of them.

The magic 8 ball you’re not allowed to see

A bunch of true information about the field of Psionics

The API of the all-consuming augmented intelligence that we’re slowly building

An Augmented Intelligence Teamwork Engine To Make Stuff Happen Instantly

Properly hardening your mind against psychic threats

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