Matthew Jackson

Matthew Jackson

Designer and Global Team Leader

Matthew Jackson is a user experience design student at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. He has studied Industrial Design and Marketing in the past, and has additional experience outsourcing projects of all kinds and web scraping. He has the drive of a Space-X rocket and the creativity of Leonardo DaVinci when he was in the insane asylum. In his scarce moments of free time he enjoys videogames, art, and dreaming of a fantastical future. A resume is available upon request. You can email him at

Aaron Voborny

Aaron Voborny

Sales Specialist and Team Leader

Aaron Voborny is an ambitious sales acquisition specialist who puts into practice tried-and-true marketing strategies pioneered by today’s leading digital sales experts. What makes him stand out from the rest is his OUTSTANDING ability to fearlessly integrate new, controversial ideas into the ever-evolving world of sales… and then actually making them work. He is currently working on building his clientele.

Success loves speed. E-mail him now at now to set up a skype appointment and take the first step towards improving YOUR business today.

Shakil Ahmed

Shakil Ahmed

Full Stack Developer and Team Leader

Shak is a very serious web developer with mad skills and wisdom beyond his years. He is specialized in PHP(Codeigniter & Laravel). Listing all the languages and development environments he knows here would take too long, so you can just assume he’s an expert on exactly what you need. He is currently furthering his study of Computer Science and Engineering at the Dhaka Polytechnic Institute.

You can get in touch with him through

The Mercenary Team

The Mercenary Team

Global Team Of Freelancers

“Talent is equally distributed around the world…opportunity is not” – Bill Clinton

We hire experts from around the world with wages that are small for us but big for them. From a logical and moral standpoint: you are able to feed more people and increase global happiness (and your happiness through a better result) the most by hiring the best person you can who lives in the place where your money is worth a lot more.

Here are some of our approaches

Using custom backend technology to integrate our freelancers into sort of a “Swarm”, to facilitate rapid creative innovation through quasi-crowdsourced work.

Assigning a team leader (Like Matt) to your task to fully handle something they specialize in, and consult with the business to help it further.

Hiring someone exquisitely skilled for a low budget using special freelancer connections and economies of scale.

Listening deeply to the intricacies of how you run your business, and suggesting unexpectable business innovations that we can easily execute upon.

Performing deep research through consultations with experts in your field, your customers, and your employees, then explore solutions using rapid design thinking methodology.

Being really nice to people.

Meditating upon creative solutions for the problems we are presented with.

Combining Amazon Mechanical Turk with Fminer with Google Docs, Sheets, and Adwords scripting, while feeding back into the Slack API to do some cool automated stuff.

Random High-Level Consultants

Ad-Hoc Advisors and Agents

A great way to get ideas is to talk to your friends. Between Matt and all the Mercenaries we have many friends who are high-end consultants for a variety of industries. Most of the time, you don’t even know it’s happening you just see amazing results. Some of these consultants work for as much as $3,000 per day, but because of our casual relationships, they like to chime in with suggestions that make magic happen.

Occasionally, we present a high-end consultant to you and explain what they can do for you, and how they can help with a plan. You can hire the consultant who’s a top-tier expert in their field, or you can have a team leader try to hire cheaper mercenaries to attempt the execution of the plan for literally any budget you give us, or you can have a hybrid approach where the consultant can act as a team leader. There’s no obligation and no limit!

Everything under here is related to our strange future plans and may be hard to comprehend.

Teamwork Engine Programmers

The API for the Teamwork Engine is under construction.

One day, out of the primordial ooze, a strange abomination of a program emerged. This program uses A/B testing, Human Augmented Artificial Intelligence, Slack API, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Freelancer, Fminer, Computer Controlled Magic 8 Ball, Muse-Using Creative Work About Magic 8 Ball used for creativity-infused RNG, A Real Functional Magic 8 Ball Blessed By 1,000 holy folks that no one must ever see lest the magic be spoilt, and lots and lots of notes about consequence chains and cognitive acceleration and other abstract thoughts dredged down from the upper dimensions of consciousness.

There are people who can program on top of such an abstract system, and we can hook you up because of economies of scale for the hours spent.