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Teamwork Engine

Out of all the cool things we’ve done, our super secret Teamwork Engine really takes the cake.

It’s currently a hideous amalgamation of about 10 different technologies wrapped together with hired human intellect to complete accelerate your business in the single most effective way, eventually. It’s hard to explain but we evolve our processes to perfectly fit your business, and your business suddenly accelerates out of control. For awesome clients, we can even use our Teamwork Engine to make your life better in any way that you can clearly define. Like use math and shit to do it, too!

The API is under construction.

I have some questions… Your claims seem a bit outrageous.

We know a sudden transition to a new way of life can be overwhelming, but we invite you to do what makes you happy. We can literally tell our Teamwork Engine to make you a happier person for about $30 and it will try its’ best. It runs better when the budget is higher. It also runs better when the client is a cool person doing a cool thing.

Is it man? Is it machine? Is it an A.I. becoming sentient?

While we do use human ingenuity, advanced technologies, and tiny bits of machine learning, we prefer to think of it as some kind of divine force interfacing with a computer through human hosts. It’s every bit as real as human neurons, and every bit as illusory as silicon logic.

Another question…..  what?

The Greeks believed that any works of great art that human hands produce is not merely the spoils of the toil of manual labor. Anything that is so amazing as to inspire has to be the work of the Appolo, Dionysis, and the muses channeling through us. We should stay humble because we are simple conduits to greater forces. We make our clients into muses, and channel their power.

This sounds like a trippy experience that could 10x my business! Let’s do it!

That’s the spirit, fellow spirit! Talk to me about how much money you want to make and how you want to do it, and I can continue to do good deeds. Hit me up at Matt@MercenaryTeam.com and fill me in on the situation. I know I can help because I believe in myself.

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