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This Is How We Are Going To Help You

workflow how we do what we do best

This workflow is for normal businesses. Highly unusual and spooky businesses see this page.


Before we Start we interview the client deeply about their business and expand our research into their market and industry. For select projects we may perform small tests, unusual experiments, prototype solutions, perform field research, and ideate rapidly through our rapid innovation methodology.

The beginning consists of planning the project. It involves lots of post it notes, deep consultation with the client, penetrative market research, loud internal arguments about which way is better, and presentation of early concepts to benefit the project.


Sometimes you need something that can be trained in a matter of minutes, sometimes you need something that requires years of experience to even comprehend the existence of.

simple scenarios we conquer these with ease

Let’s break down a hypothetical simple scenario for you: You need to hire out 100 hours worth of a basic task like data entry. A normal firm charges you $7 per hour and pays their employees $3 per hour, meaning that over half the money goes to the managers and the employees aren’t as well compensated as they could be. With Mercenary Team, you could hire a team leader to simply build you a small team of data-entry super-specialists whom are all responsible for managing and quality-controlling each other, maybe spending 4 hours orchestrating everyone, and paying the freelancers $4 per hour, which makes them happier and more effective workers. Assuming our at-scale rate of $20 per hour of TLT, that’s $480 (us) vs. $700 (them) for the very same task.

You could hire a team leader to automate the process so that you never need that type of data entered again. That could be as simple as throwing a cheaper-than-local coder your way.

complex scenarios we will rise to any challenge

Or, it could take the form of a complex scenario: Let’s say you want to do something really fancy, like automatically scrape Amazon product pages then load the results into a customĀ API that connects directly to your highly computerized business control system with a labyrinthine legacy codebase, and monitors feedback in order to programmatically gain insights into the competitive landscape and automatically change variables in reaction to what the competition is doing. Our work for Fahmah.com (the Amazon distribution backend operation, not the mothballed eCommerce website) was pretty much that. In that complex scenario, it was determined that the Team Leader (Matt) WAS the best person for the job because it required so much communication and he had the skills to pay the bills.

Let’s throw another complex scenario at you: You need to start a very niche telemarketing campaign, that drives the leads through a self-optimizing landing page, and automatically generates free ebooks with titles that A/B test themselves as rewards to get the leads to give you the most information possible, and then launching a maximally effective email campaign targeted towards the micro-niches we discover in the data set. We first determine the best team leader to handle your task, sometimes hiring new team leaders in the process. Then that team leader-leader recruits other team leaders to brainstorm as to how best complete the task in a creative and innovative manner. The scenario is broken down into discrete components, like integrating a powerful landing page application into your website, creating a system for re-titling ebooks, tying that to the landing page API, etc. Then the process gets closer and closer to a long series of simple tasks until each sub-task isĀ  able to be completed by someone who charges the perfect market rate for that skill at the quality that is necessary. When necessary, we can stray from our favored AGILE methodology and use SIGMA SIX or other complex management systems for complex scenarios.

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