This is the workflow that our team uses in their services to produce results

This workflow is for normal business. Highly unusual and spooky businesses see this page.

Before we Start we interview the client deeply about their business and expand our research into their market and industry. For select projects we may perform small tests, unusual experiments, prototype solutions, perform field research, and ideate rapidly through our rapid innovation methodology.

The beginning consists of planning the project. It involves lots of post it notes, deep consultation with the client, penetrative market research, loud internal arguments about which way is better, and presentation of early concepts to benefit the project.

We believe a very careful start to a project makes the best result possible. Matt is specifically trained in rapid innovation techniques, and often suggests a bunch of crazy yet viable ideas in the process. Shakil is the more serious one, and focuses on tight planning and execution of established best practices.

The middle consists of making the project. This is where the development, content, and the SEO comes in. We work in a highly collaborative manner to execute the project according to the plan. Simple and effective.

The end consists of polishing up the project, ironing out the bugs, and going live. It’s not really the end of our relationship, we’re grown too attached to just leave you. We offer follow up services to ensure the success of your business, depending on the evolving nature of your needs.